ChemForce Laboratories Inc. is a North American company established to fulfill advanced chemistry needs in organic synthesis. We offer a broad range of specialty chemicals, chemistry services, and products for chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, agrochemical industry, oil and gas industry, with strict confidentiality and intellectual property protection.
We work in the field of custom synthesis and contract research. Our expertise and range of products include boronic acids and its esters, heterocyclic building blocks, PEGylating reagents, fluorinated compounds, electroluminescent compounds, carbohydrates, amino acid derivatives, nucleosides and nucleotides.
Our mission is to assist any customers with finding affordable, reliable and highest quality of rare and fine chemicals for research and development and to develop new and novel synthetic methods to produce intermediates for use in Phase 1, 11 and 111 trials, with the goal of minimizing toxicity levels. Our experience delivers so that you enhance your goals!
When working with clients at the early stage of their R & D, we adhere to rigorous record keeping and archiving of quality control data and we are always willing to share details of any synthesis under confidentiality agreements. We also go the extra mile to develop analytical methods in advance of requests from our customers as we feel this is an essential service to our customers and it enables us to deliver highest quality of products.
Our people are our most important resource; ultimately they determine our reputation and vitality. We respect and value input and opinions and encourage self-improvement, innovation and creativity. Our advisory board consists of chemists with vast experience coming from diverse work experience with companies like Terochem Laboratories, Raylo Chemical, NAEJA, etc., combining several decades of experience in custom synthesis, pharmaceutical intermediates and plant and process engineering.
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